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Please read carefully, I’m not responsible to what may happen to your phone. DO AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Warning: This will void your warranty!

Before rooting your Alcatel 918N Glory /Glory X(2.3.5/2.3.6), you must install a custom recovery first. Then after installing the custom recovery, you can now root your phone by following the next tutorial on how to root your phone found at the bottom.

Installing Custom Recovery for Unrooted / Rooted Phones


  • + Android Usb Driver :
    Windows XP/Vista/7 32-bit -  Download
    Windows Vista/7 64-bit – Download
  • + Android MT65xx PreLoader driver (xp/vista/7) > Download
  • + Android MT65xx Vcom driver (xp/vista/7) in case if PreLoader won’t work > Download
  • + winrar or any zip extractor
  • + SP Flash Tool > Download
  • + scatter text file for v2.3.5 phones > Download (for v2.3.5 ONLY)
  • + scatter text file for V2.3.6 phones > Download (for v2.3.6 ONLY)
  • + Download zip file > Download (system.img for 2.3.5 ONLY)(Optional)
  • + Usb data cable for your phone
  • + Recovery image file > Download
  • + Your phone ( unrooted / rooted )
  • + USB debugging enabled (Settings > Application > Development > USB debugging)


1. Install Android USB Driver (PDAnet).

2. Turn off your phone. Then connect your phone via usb data cable.
[ a ] Then an unknown device will appear instantly, it will disappear and then it will reappear. Right click on it and choose to update driver manually. Now locate the folder where your Android MT65xx PreLoader is. Then press OK / Next. If prompt, choose “INSTALL DRIVER ANYWAY” OR

[ b ] Find new software mt65xx preloader. Then choose install the software from a list. Now locate the folder where your Android MT65xx PreLoader is.

NOTE: If nothing happens after plugging then boot to recovery by PRESSING HOLD POWER + VOL UP Button then see your notification area on your desktop then follow either [a] or above. 

- Done. Now disconnect your phone from the computer. And make it sure that your phone is turned off before proceeding to step 3..

3. Extract downloaded files to one folder for easy locating of the files. Open SP Flash Tool. Then choose scatter loading. See image below.



4. Look and find the scatter text file and open it. See image below.



5. Ignore and tick OK. See image below.



6. Check the box with the name “Recovery”. Then look for the downloaded recovery file. And open it. See image below.




7. Tick Option from the menu and check USB Mode. See image below.


8.Tick the Download button. Note: Look at the image carefully before ticking the download button. Make it sure nothing else is checked. See image below.


9. Plug your cellphone via your usb cable. Then wait for it to be finish. See image below.


NOTE: If your phone isn’t detected after plugging then boot to recovery by PRESSING + HOLD POWER + VOL UP Button THEN go back to step 2. 

10. A yellow bar will appear. Wait for it to reach 100%. See image below.



11. Done. Congratulations. You successfully installed a “CUSTOM RECOVERY”. See image below.


12. Now it’s time to root your phone by following the next tutorial below.

Credits to Obcenity for the Tutorial
Credits to Jbazt_katuforzs for the Flash Tutorial


Rooting the phone


  • -Unrooted Phone
  • - Accomplished the method above. Or a Custom Recovery is already Installed
  • - Download SuperUser Zip file > here



  • 1. Copy and paste the downloaded zip file to the root of your SD Card.
  • 2. Turn Off your phone and open custom recovery by pressing and holding Power Button + Volume Up.
  • 3. Install zip from sdcard.
  • 4. Choose zip from sdcard.
  • 5. Choose the file downloaded. Then confirm update.
  • 6. Reboot.
  • 7. Look for an icon with an Android Face named “SuperUser”.
  • 8. Done. Congratulations. Your phone is now rooted.

Hope this helps. Thanks.

Thanks to NohjSuperUno for the idea.

All credits goes to bluerain28 for posting.


38 Responses to “How to root Alcatel OT 918N”

  1. Paolo says:

    Stuck at step 2 Please help >.<

  2. jrdagala says:

    Can you tell what error did you encounter on step 2? If you already install your mobile phone software driver. Please turn off your mobile phone then proceed to step 3

  3. sadjae says:

    does this work on the 918A model want to know bsfore i do the process

  4. jrdagala says:

    I don’t know, because I do not have 918A phone.

  5. jason says:

    is this already tested on an alcatel glory x918n?

  6. jrdagala says:

    Yes, the unit i rooted was Alcatel Glory X918N

  7. dada says:

    sir, dead link po.. invalid/deleted file dw po..

  8. rosepabad says:


    i’m stuck at step 6 of installing custom recovery. when i clicked on recovery there’s no dialog window which allows me to find the recovery file.

    hope to hear from you soon.


  9. jrdagala says:

    which files are invalid? so that I could re-upload it again.

  10. jrdagala says:

    double click the word recovery so that the dialog window will show.

  11. DeadLinks says:

    the sp flash tool, scatter files, and the recover image links are invalid.. please help..


  12. timarts says:

    hi, all files hosted on mediafire are no longer available, maybe you can re-upload them? thanks

  13. jaypee says:

    dead links

  14. paul says:

    Sir some of the links above are dead. will you be able to update them? By far your guide is the most detailed one that i found in the internet. I really need your guide to root my phone! thanks!

  15. Dwight says:

    Sir, pa-upload po ulet nung recovery image file. down na po sa mediafire. Thank you sir!

  16. asdfghjkl says:

    These are the requirements that are said to be invalid or deleted:

    Android MT65xx PreLoader driver (xp/vista/7)
    SP Flash Tool
    scatter text file for V2.3.6 phones
    Recovery image file

  17. jrdagala says:

    Links have been updated, except for V2.3.5 phones. I don’t have the files right now on my laptop. Please wait for awhile.

    Sorry for the delay.

  18. says:

    Dead link on root zip and one question, can I factory reset it? or it will be stuck on boot? Thanks

  19. jrdagala says:

    Which file have dead link? If you will try to factory reset it, it will be stuck on boot. Use One Touch Upgrade to return everything back to normal.

  20. says:

    The root zip

  21. says:

    The superuser zip file is a dead link, please re-upload it. thanks

  22. noESC says: dl link is broken pls fix

  23. jrdagala says: link is now updated. Sorry for inconvenience.

  24. jrdagala says: link is now updated. Sorry for inconvenience.

  25. says:

    Thanks, I rooted my phone now. I have a question, why I can’t uninstall system apps using titanium pro, it says that “apk file not found” can you help me with that? I want to remove touchpal keyboard and all its language file but it says apk file not found. I hope you can help me with this. thanks again.

  26. alcatel ot918n says:

    Hello sir, im stuck on step 10 to 11.. when i start to plug my phone then loading sp-tools and last it say’s…

    Common Hint: For SP Flash Tool issues

    Please supply your tool version,GUI screen shot, and tool logs when encounter trouble with the latest tool.
    How to obtain the tool logs?
    1.Run the tool;
    2.Press Ctrl+Alt+(Tool Title Hint; Runtime Trace Mode);
    3. [Menu]Help-[Submenu]Open logs folder.


    [EMI] Obtain DRAM Failed!

    Please check your load matches to your target which is to be downloaded.

    Please Help me about this… you can send me your response to my email add []

    Thank You…

  27. Greg says:

    Hi I can install the downloaded zip file from my sd car

  28. says:

    Superuser zip file E:signature verification failed, Installation aborted.

    Please help.

  29. xllbhabyllx says:

    sir im stuck in #2.. i cant update Android MT65xx plzzz help me i want root may alcatel ot 918n. tnx

  30. xllbhabyllx says:

    when i click Android MT65xx ,… then i click update!! after 10-15 sec… it said it cant update the Android MT65xx .. sir plzzz i need ur really help.. im w8ting for your reply?? sory for my bad english ^_~

  31. edgar says:

    how do i copy the superuser zip file to the root of the sd card? thanks!

  32. migz says:

    sir im sorry but i cant download the scatter text file for 2.3.5 in the given link, it says here

    pls help me sir >.<

  33. Lol says:

    SIr, at step 10, yellow bar doesn’t appear. Please Help.

  34. Cloud Coltheart says:

    Successfully Rooted my Alcatel 918n Androidv. 2.3.5
    Encountered some troubles but good thing I improvised.
    message me at / if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help.

  35. Jahz says:

    hi. im stuck on step 6. when i ticked and double-clicked Recovery, im lead to the android scatter folder instead of the recovery folder… I tried to find the recovery folder, but i cant…..please help

  36. Jahz says:

    hi, disregard my previous comment. I already founr the recovery img file… Now my next prob is when I install the superuser package, it says “E: signature verification failed
    Installation aborted”… Please help

  37. feej says:

    thanx for the steps. finished rooting my phone. alcatel ot 918n

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